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Let us Introduce Ourselves.

11xinfisol delivers digital transformation and technology services. 

  • To be an A-Z service oriented brand is our goal. 
  • To be efficient enough with our expertise in infrastructure and application management to turn IT into a strategic asset. 

“You need IT. We Have IT.”

Our apporach towards services

There has been a Committed Service Psychology in the nucleus of the team.We as a company take pride in providing specific guidance to our employees working for multiple clients of many different genres. A flawless sorting of projects makes our work efficient. Our Experienced client management team has been playing a catalyst role in reducing our mistakes and making us perfect at every wrong turn. 

We are genuinely ‘ Multiplying Minds’.

Employee & Talent Acquisition Policies :

With The Smart City Bhubaneswar already tagged as Educational Hub, we believe in nurturing and at the same time taking advantage of young exciting talents of the city and the state, with our Flexible Talent Acquisition and Training Policies.

Given the Culture of Salaries and employee welfare Policies currently in trend, we have prioritised our exception to that trend.
An employee’s working experiences and environmental comforts are our priorities.

As a Company You clients are our priorities.Thus we do believe in nurturing care and empathy about our clients in our Employees. We entertain our ideas with engaging team meetings, lunches and dinners, Weekend trips, idea sharing forums,
Talent hunts etc..

The best part is , there’s no hierarchy in company Psychology. That evaluates our moto as a company.

Happy Employees Happier Clients. ♥️