What We're All About

An IT startup which is not just  a corporate but a family who hustle together to succeed in life. A bunch of youth synchronously utilizing their talents to break the barrier of digital world.

Learn Something Every Day

My team is an emotion I don’t hide,

My team is a destination I love to ride,

My team is my soul,

My team is my goal,

My team is a testimony of my confidence, trust and productivity.

11x stands for 11 times with a tag of Multiplying minds. With every addition to the workforce, we feel multiplied with better ideas and new opportunities.

Young bunch of talented and somehow excited group of employees make our life at 11x somehow full f challenges as well as entertaining. 

The negative vibes, the soft-hearted cries, the bad jokes, the serious bug fixes, the spelling mistakes, the chaos at lunch, the teasing with seniors, the leg pulling of juniors, the fresher’s reaction at induction, etc.,

They all stories of giant in its fetus.

11x INFISOL will grow day in day out, if our workforce keeps the same spirit for long.

Mr. Sagar Hota
Co-Founder & Director
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

We in 11x INFISOL provide Multi-dimensional IT solutions and Develop Customized and new products for the Digital World.

              Our main focus is to create a humble job space mechanism for techies of Odisha and Eastern India. Creating digital magic from their own backyard has been the choice of many. Our office in the Capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar will be instrumental in employing and empowering the young mass with a required technical knowledge and passion of creating software products and services.

Our Mantra “Multiplying Minds” may well define Who we are.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Learning is the first step towards success. Join us and learn from the leaders of IT industry with the best team.

Learn at Your Own Pace

The zone of comfortable learning is what you always needed. Acquire skills in you comfortable zone and with a wonderful team to boost you up.

Professional Certification

Stand out at your work and succeed with us. Show case your skills with provided professional certificates by the industry.

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