Is Artificial Interlligence really going to take away all our jobs in future ?

Is ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) really going to take away all our jobs in future?

What really is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, refers to the method bearing the abilities to take over human intelligence.

Humans tend to think and react about the stuffs going around them and take actions accordingly. Artificial Intelligence is in the verge of doing the same. Its not wrong to state that AI has the future of taking control over human resource.

Let’s have a look, how is Artificial Intelligence different from human intelligence.

  • It’s as simple as you think. Humans think and work from their own mind which is nature’s gift.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence is created by humans only. So basically, we can say that without Human Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence wouldn’t have existed.

But a critical question is, does artificial intelligence possess the ability to take over human intelligence???

Let’s have an elongated discussion about that:

Starting from the innovation of Artificial Intelligence, the field of engineering has served a lot to the world. But now the question arises, will this intellectual innovation cause us to loose our job?

Let’s get into the types of artificial intelligence to get a wider view of the above question:

3 Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): –

These are designed for assigning and executing single tasks. These have a narrow perspective but act smartly on the assigned field.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): –

This is known for its resemblance with human capacities.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI): –

This would be able to take over all human capacities including decision making and building emotional relationship. this is what the human resource should be worried about.

 Not digging about the past of AI, but from the time it has been invented, it possesses a threat to the human resource. As it’s developing day by day the days aren’t far when there would be no requirement of humans for doing any kind of job.

 Very nearly six decades ago, different innovation fans began investigating this brilliant innovation. In spite of the fact that its idea was in presence from the beyond couple of hundreds of years since the 1950s there has been no obstruction in its development. As of now, artificial intelligence is one of the key regions where different programming improvement organizations in India and rest of the world will contribute. This innovation is viewed as a deliberately significant assistance which must be included the contributions of organizations of each field, from the travel industry to medical services. There are various AI tech that are administering the product advancement world. You can fuse them into your business to receive the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Let’s look over some top AI innovations over the years:

  • Biometrics:

Greatest security has been a significant worry in human developments from the occasions they have been set up. Diverse ways have been advanced over hundreds of years to give greatest security and AI is adding to something similar.

  • Machine learning:

Machine learning popularity as a means to achieve artificial intelligence is on the rise.  This is the subset of AI and permits the machines to adapt however it doesn’t need any software engineer to stuff them with the codes.

  • Neural networks:

The human cerebrum works with neurons that are associated in a mind-boggling way. Similarly, a sort of writing computer programs is being fostered that makes machines to chip away at the neural networks.

It is known as Artificial Neural Network (ANN) programming and created under the profound learning innovation. AI is the parent innovation of profound realizing which is prevailed with the AI.

  • Internet of things:

Internet of things or IoT is normally utilized in blend with AI. Their applications and advantages are characterizing the patterns of programming industry. Quite possibly the most famous example is robotized vacuum cleaners which appeared in 2002.

  • Robotic process automation:

All over the world, robotic technology has given an extraordinary blast to the ascent of AI. Different programming items have been supplanted with the connections of human after the beginning of mechanical cycle robotization. This fundamentally includes creating robots which can give measure data and tactile criticism.

 These are the aspect measures about AI that has grown in a decade. Now let’s pick into some FUTURISTIC ASPECTS about AI are:

  • Sophia like robots will be delivered with the help of AI:

You all must have heard of Sophia. The first humanoid robot developed and activated on 2016. It is normal that sooner there will be more Sophia like robots. These robots will be created by coordinating the Artificial insight advances with mechanical technology like visual information handling and face acknowledgment.

  • Contest among Virtual Assistants will likewise Increase:

Amazon’s Echo and Alexa are ruling the market of menial helpers, however do you require different alternatives to look over? The exhibition of these AI driven devices may improve and new capacities will be included what’s to come. Accordingly, it is normal that everybody will have their very own AI remote helper later on.

  • Artificial intelligence will Improve Healthcare :

As of now there are numerous AI driven gadgets which can help wellbeing trained professionals and specialists to analyse patients like pulse and breath. All things considered, there is space for some upgrades. Later on, patients will get extended help with the assistance of Artificial knowledge.

  • Face recognition will turn into your Identity:

These days, everybody knows about biometric. Later on, it is relied upon that to improve the security of different significant exercises, face acknowledgment will become all inclusive. Before long, your credit or check cards and driving permit will be connected to the perceiving with your face.

This region could be supposed to be the best stage where the force of computerized reasoning can serve generally. The uses of man-made reasoning in the advanced showcasing will assist the firm with connecting with their customers with applicable messages and at the pertinent time.

  • Wrapping it up:

Artificial intelligence is an incredible power to influence the way of life of people later on. Since its beginning, AI has developed from basic advancements to different complex gadgets that can play out the elements of a human brain.

A mind uses its intelligence and thinking ability according to the situation to do so.

What if the AI technology is able to do it flawlessly?

There would be no need of investing on human resource anymore, rather getting the work done by AI bots.

But then again this is a futuristic thought.

What are YOUR thoughts on this??

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