latest google algorithm in 2022

Latest Google Algorithm Updates in 2022

If you are involved in SEO, Affiliate marketing, Digital marketing, and Content marketing then friends this piece of the blog will provide you the best benefits for your visibility over the Internet. Here you will get to know about the latest Google Algorithm updates in 2022 and the reasons why these updates are being pushed so frequently by Google. Through this, you can optimize your content and rank higher in Google’s SERP(Search Engine Result Page). Before going at the google algorithm update in 2022 let’s first understand what is Google Algorithm.

Google Algorithm:-

The algorithms employed by Google to retrieve material from its search index and offer the best possible results for a query are complex systems. On its search engine results pages, the search engine uses a combination of algorithms and several ranking parameters to offer webpages rated by relevancy (SERPs).

Algorithm updates:-

Basically, we can divide it into two categories:-

  • Minor updates
  • Core updates

Major core Algorithm updates:-

Panda (February 24, 2011)

Google Panda is a filter focused on low-quality pages thin content, keyword stuffing, user-generated spam, and duplicate content. 

Penguin (April 24, 2012)

An important algorithm update that focused on spammy or irrelevant links, over-optimized anchor text.

Hummingbird (August 22, 2013)

Hummingbird update improved the better interpret search queries, focus on the searcher’s intent

Mobile Update (April 21, 2015)

This update is to look over the mobile version of the page’s poor mobile usability 

RankBrain (October 26, 2015)

As mentioned earlier RankBrain is a machine-learning component of an algorithm that helps provide, more relevant search results, shallow content: poor UX

Bert (October 22, 2019)

Another machine learning algorithm focused on a better understanding of the poorly written content, lack of focus keywords, lack of context

Core Update(2017- present)

This algorithm update is the bundle of smaller updates tied together

The page Experience update(2021 – present)

This update is delivered to bring a better experience to users

Latest Google Algorithm Update:

1. March 2022 Product Reviews Update

The March 2022 Product Evaluations Update, the third in a series of upgrades that began in 2021 and aims to reward websites that provide in-depth reviews based on real first-hand experience, has been confirmed by Google.

 Here is the checklist:

  • Check the products are reviewed by experts in-depth.
  • Provide additional attention to the review by including the pros & cons that will help the buyer’s decision.
  • Check the product with the ones already available in the market, and detail how it makes your product reviewed unique?
  • Should be able to identify the main factors that make or break the deal.
  • Use high-quality images, videos, graphs, or other evidence to back up your claims.
  • Do not try to over-promote one seller.
2. Page Experience Update for Desktop 2022

Google began rolling out this page experience update for desktop web pages and desktop search. This update is already completed by March-end, 2022.

This update will contain all of

  • The current mobile version of the page experiences updates, as well as any other pages that need to be made more mobile-friendly.
  • Except for mobile-friendliness, Google stated that all page experience factors for mobile would be considered.

The following is a chart from Google that shows the exact parameters it will take into account:

3. Product Review Update December 2021

Google launched the second product review update for 2021, and its intention was to help websites that offer in-depth reviews.

Even, in April, Google had launched a similar update. Sites with shallow reviews that add no value were by that update. A similar impact is expected for the December 2021 Product Review Update as well.

For better content, google had provide two new plans:-

  1. Include additional multimedia in your product reviews to demonstrate your knowledge and authenticity.
  2. Include links to different sellers, giving your readers the option to buy from whatever merchant they like.

So these were the latest Google algorithm updates in 2022. We have to understand this is how Google Algorithm changes/gets upgraded with time. Being techy, it’s our primary responsibility to be updated about Google. 

It should not be the  Google algorithm that would play with our performance. It should be us who catches every algorithm update and work parallelly for the best results.

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