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Top 8 SEO tools used for conducting website audit

Before going into SEO tools, learn what is SEO first. So, here we discuss here top 8 SEO tools used for conducting website audit.
SEO, abbreviating “Search Engine Optimization” is a process of lifting up your website in the way that is transparent to audience in Google. The better visibility your page has in search results, the higher you are to garner attention and attract new and existing customers to your business.
Talking about SEO Tools, these are the tools which provide data and tips of overall performance and success of your website. They help visualize the issues website has that may prevent the ranking and gaining visibility in SERPs.
Now coming to the topic, let’s know the different SEO Tools that experts use to rank their websites.

Google Page Speed Insights

The name has the game, this tool is used to check the page loading speed of your website. Page Speed Insights (PSI) reports on the performance of your website on both mobile and desktops devices. Go to this tool, enter your “URL” and hit “ANALYZE”, you will get the detailed report of what’s decreasing your page and recommendations on how to resolve it.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tool

It’s tool which improves your website’s SEO performance and get more traffic from search engine. Ahrefs SEO tool is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that gives SEO data about the pages you visit and its free feature is On-Page SEO report which will provide the report on on-page performance of your website.

Google Analytics

It’s a web analytics service that provide statistics and analytical tools for search engine optimization and marketing purpose. Google analytics provides the information to measure the advertising ROI as well as tracking of social media sites and apps. The service part of google marketing platform is free to anyone using google account.

Uber Suggest

Its SEO tool that is dedicated in generating new keyword ideas. Recently acquired by entrepreneur Neil Patel, but originally founded as tool that polished Google Suggest Terms. It’s a storage of keywords which is usable and competitive researchable. Its quite affordable tool for keyword research. Its very helpful to generate keyword ideas for content marketing.

Google Search Console

It’s a free tool offered by google that helps monitor, troubleshoot your websites’ transparency in google search results and let google find and crawl into your site. It helps in fixing the indexes of new or updated content. You can get access to the google search traffic data of your site, CTR and many more. Sends alert notification of spams, unknown indexing and other issues on your site. Helps you troubleshoot issues for AMP, mobile usability, and other search features.

Google Ads Keywords Planner

Keyword planner helps you find the accurate keyword you need for your optimizing your website and search campaigns. This free tool helps your business by discovering keywords with estimates of the searches they receive and bid it gets. Google planner suggest the bid estimated to make easier research in keywords and advertising budget.

SERP Simulator

SERP abbreviating Search Engine Results Page, it’s the page that search engine reverts after you search for a question in view of organic search, SERP includes paid search and PPC ads. Now to explore SERP simulator, the features are adding URL, Meta description, Title tags in the search results. SERP tool analyzes the top web pages that are ranking for a given keyword or topic.

Answer the Public

It’s a keyword tool that visualizes search questions and suggest autocomplete searches in form of images called search cloud. Consisting of the categories of how, can, are, which, will makes the search easy for the question you need to ask. Answer The Public gives 3 free searches in the basic free version. Its 5 easy steps to use are QUESTIONS, PREPOSITION, COMPARISON, ALPHABETICALS, RELATED which will help you fine and answer the questions.

We hope you had good research on the tools you need to rank your website and business at the top of google.

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