What is Meta Business Suite ? What are the benefits of meta business suite ? How to star using Meta Business suite

What is Meta Business Suite ?

Brand building on digital platforms is not a piece of cake. We should focus more on Smartwork than Hardwork. So if you are managing a huge brand and want it’s social media marketing to go in a smooth way, bringing Meta Business Suite into the process can do so.

So let’s understand what is Meta Business Suite ?

Meta Business Suite is a free tool created by Facebook which can be the one-stop platform for marketing your brand all over Instagram and Facebook. It provides us an access to all the business-key updates.

What are the benefits of Meta Business Suite ?

  • Monthly Content Calendar : If you want your social media profile to be visually appearing good, systematic and have a easy experience for the viewers to understand your product/service, you need to create a monthly content calendar. Through this you can also have the complete track of your posting.
  • Schedule your post : Once you create the monthly content calendar and done with creating all the posts and captions you can schedule them for the planned days and time. You don’t have to post every single design manually which will definitely save a lot of time of yours. Just one single day of scheduling and you’re done for the whole month.
  • Ads Manager : From Meta Business Suite you can have the access to Ads manager where you can run Sponsered ads. You can create and edit ads, track their performance and manage ad budgets and schedules.
  • Leads center : You can create your lead form over here. Whenever you’re running a lead generation campaign you can simply create a lead form where people would submit their details and get converted into a lead. You can easily organize and manage all these leads in the Lead Center from Meta Business Suite.
  • Insights : The biggest benefit you would get is, from this one tool you can track the insights of both your Business page and all the Sponsored Ads. You can check the page likes, page follows, reach, impressions, post engagement, audience report and many more. So Meta Business Suite can be the one-stop tool to track everything.
  • Basic features : You also have the access to the page notifications and inbox. You can also put stories through Business Suite and also get stories from similar businesses for reference.

How to use Meta Business Suite ?

Post you create your Business page, you’ll be automatically eligible for using Meta Business Suite. On the left hand side you’ll get the option. You just need to click on that, get redirected to the Meta Business Suite interface, connect your Instagram with Facebook page and start your further proceedings.

In addition to all the integrated features above, Business Suite gives you access to Meta’s complete list of tools you need to run a Business. Meta Business Suite can help make it easier for you to connect with people who matter to your Business. We at 11x INFISOL manage all our in-house portfolio and clients proceedings through Meta Business Suite which makes our complete process easier and flawless.

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